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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Aug 17, 2011

Often there is an implicit disconnect between the expectations and incentives set for business lines and those set for their IT counterparts. For example, business Line managers are expected to quickly spot new customer needs and adapt the processes needed to meet those needs. Meanwhile, the IT organization (and its CIO) is often assessed on efficiency metrics that may be internal to IT, including infrastructure spending and portfolio consolidation. As a result, Business Line managers may question the reasons behind any IT investments that don’t help them. Would it be a good idea to let Business managers collaborate and drive IT investments and budgets? Wouldn’t this result in better alignment and fewer headaches for both business and IT?

Guest 1: Stewart H. McCutcheon
Title: Chief Information Office, Nalco

Guest 2: Chris K. McGlothlin
Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Domino's Pizza

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