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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jul 22, 2009

Suppliers are a constant source of concern. At any time, something that affects *their performance* could arise to jeopardize *our business interests*. Even more terrifying is the worry that they may get too lax about working with us to comply with government mandates. Supplier Performance Management (SPM), has been...

Jul 15, 2009

For some, IT is the plumbing which allows an uninterrupted and efficient flow of information. But, what about the quality of the information that is flowing through the "plumbing"? We wouldn't drink bad water no matter how elegant the plumbing, what about bad or poor information?

Guest 1: Suzanne Gordon
Title: Vice...

Jul 8, 2009

CIOs need to build networks, exert influence up and down the hierarchy, problem-solve, communicate effectively, and deliver, in order to keep the wheels of the IT organization moving in the same direction as the business and deliver results. Unfortunately many CIOs endowed with these valuable skills can be pulled into...