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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Sep 27, 2006

While we are busy handling compliance and integration issues, communication among IT workers, between IT and other departments, IT and end customers, etc. is equally important and usually the weakest link preventing IT from delivering at its full potential.

Guest 1: Sheleen Quish, SVP of HR and IT, Ameristar...

Sep 20, 2006

More and more US companies have been adopting ITIL best practices in combination with 6 Sigma, CoBIT, and other existing frameworks. Is ITIL really delivering on its promises?

Guest 1: Malcolm Fry, Member, ITIL Advisory Group and Independent Executive Advisor, BMC Software

Guest Bio:

Sep 13, 2006

With constant pressure to deliver "more with less", not only the IT leaders but the whole IT organization needs to join hands and get creative, get unconventional, and break the norms with a sole purpose of making the business successful. How do we build such a maverick IT team?

Guest 1: Steve Bandrowczak, Chief...

Sep 6, 2006

Partnering with Vendors, Up/Downstream Value Chain members, or other departments/divisions can successfully can bring multiple benefits to an organization provided it is initiated and maintained carefully. Come to think of it, partnering is no different than dating!

Guest 1: Jim Wetherbe, Stevenson Chaired Professor...