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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 17, 2009

Like a teenager, as IT professionals, we are also wrestling with internal turmoil, and want to do things differently, defying the norm. Our overzealousness and thinking "outside of the box" attitude is often taken for immaturity. Can we really compete and innovate in this new world by being mature and complacent?...

Jun 10, 2009

Organizations talk about offshore outsourcing being a strategic initiative, but what is the driver? It takes time and patience for an investment in India to deliver real results, but just as that investment is starting to pay off, companies are beginning to eye China. Why? Is it because macro economic pressures are...

Jun 3, 2009

With the global economic downturn and increasing competition, corporate focus is on IT to deliver results! Dare a CIO be sensitive or touchy-feely, or do tough times demand a tough-nosed productivity centric number cruncher, who delivers at any cost?

Guest 1: Larry Bonfante
Title: Chief Information Officer, Author, the...