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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Feb 25, 2005

In hospitality industry, it takes a lot to please customers and have them keep coming back. What what does it take to always deliver the best while lowering the cost of operations, and how IT can be leveraged to attain this seemingly impossible goal?

Guest 1: Reid Paul
Title: Editor-In-Chief, Hospitality Technology...

Feb 11, 2005

Whether it is theft or an employee scraping off pennies out of transactions and transferring to their checking accounts, technology can play detective by recognizing patterns that can lead to proactive fraud detection. Are there any strings attached to this claim? We all know that thieves are always ahead of...

Feb 4, 2005

No longer can and should the IT crew in an organization implement a technology application and assume their responsibility is over. They need to make sure that the initiative brought about positive change for the business. Similarly, executive management should also recognize the potential of IT driving a business...