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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Aug 26, 2005

The VoIP wave promises great features along with significant savings. Once the adoption reaches critical mass, will it offer the same advantages over Baby Bells? What are the implementation and maintenance challenges?

Guest 1: Michael Palmer, EVP Supply Chain Management and CIO, Allied Office Products

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Aug 19, 2005

The US Congress holds tremendous power and shapes the way IT related regulations are envisioned and enacted. The whole idea is to develop a system of checks and balances in order to prevent potential abuse and safeguard the interests of nation and its people. While the intent is noble, when it comes to interpretation of...

Aug 12, 2005

As an IT leader, you can be only as effective in delivering results as your crew. Careful selection and grooming of your IT staff goes a long way.

Guest 1: Dr. John Glaser, Vice President and CIO, Partners Healthcare System

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Guest 2: Mary Finlay, Deputy...

Aug 5, 2005

Till date, there are a very few adopters who have success stories to tell. Either the CRM deployments have been total fiascos OR have failed to deliver significant incremental value as expected. The whole idea is to get closer to the customer using CRM technology. Are we missing something here?

Guest 1: Ellen Pearlman,...