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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jul 29, 2005

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming a way of life for today's CIO. How can the IT leadership be groomed to adequately handle the related challenges?

Guest 1: Mark Griesbaum, EVP, Chief Information Officer, Cardean Learning Group

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Guest 2: Bill...

Jul 22, 2005

In this day and age of Open Systems and Open Source development, what possible value does ERP offer? With millions of dollars already invested in ERP solutions, are the organizations stuck paying for its maintenance or are there other options? Is the ERP world expected to morph into a more acceptable form. If yes,...

Jul 15, 2005

Try talking to an IT Leader about how to measure value of IT for an organization. Usually, the answer is long winded and full of abstraction. Now is the time to do the real math. What measures can be used to quantify the value of IT in form of hard numbers and dollars?

Guest: Douglas Hubbard, Inventor, Applied...

Jul 8, 2005

CIOs have gone through utopia during the Internet Boom followed by a drastic cutbacks after the bust. Now, as economy is recovering, today's CIO is challenged to deliver value by investing in technology again. How are things different now?

Guest 1: Ellen Barry, CIO, Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

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Jul 1, 2005

Government Compliance Regulations are requiring organizations to retain electronic records including structured data (databases) as well as documents, spreadsheets, and emails for longer than ever periods of time. Yes, mass storage industry will flourish. But, what impact will it have on the overall IT spending on...