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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Feb 25, 2009

Today's new competitive world of work is global, more connected, and alwayson! Unified communication (UC) is the newly proposed tool for bringing all communications together. Are these solutions ready to deliver as promised? Are organizations ready to embrace them?

Guest 1: Joe Burton
Title: Chief Technology Officer,...

Feb 11, 2009

Business knows clients and generally tells IT what the client wants. IT is strategic, and understands how to make Innovation happen. Since innovation is what the customer really wants, shouldn't IT be invited to the table to work in tandem with business to better create the Innovation that business wants to deliver to...

Feb 4, 2009

Some organizations have been nursing legacy IT systems and applications along for decades in the belief they are squeezing the maximum value out of them. At what point do you decide you've gotten your money's worth? When do you let go of obsolete technologies to utilize newer, better technologies? What's the least...