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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Feb 25, 2015

Everyone tracks the Miles Per Gallon of their car for the simple reason that they want to know how much mileage they're getting for their money. Yet CFO's evaluate IT spend in terms of ROI; how much value creation will it produce for the dollar? Should the question become, how much "distance" are we really getting from...

Feb 11, 2015

IT is no longer the monolith it once was. External business units are creating challenges for CIOs traditionally looking to put everything under one roof. But instead of fighting the battle to continually fight turf wars, how do you knit all the solutions across business units together?With the rise of the...

Feb 4, 2015

Traditionally, constraints are seen as stumbling blocks or negative forces that prevent us from fulfilling our goals and desires. Can constraints be considered an ally and a powerful resource that can be effectively harnessed to achieve success?

Guest: Mark Barden
Title: Partner, eatbigfish and Author, "A Beautiful...