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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 28, 2017

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) going mainstream, it is forcing every organization to rethink strategy, hiring priorities, and IT operations among others. How are Government Stakeholders and IT Leaders getting their organizations ready for the impact of AI?

Guest: Doug McCollough
Title: Chief Information Officer, City...

Jun 29, 2016

Smart City initiatives are pervasive globally and a lot of tax dollars are being invested. How measurably smart have such cities become? What are the lessons for the cities that are just getting started?

Guest 1: Torri Martin
Title : Director of SMARTATL, City of Atlanta

Guest 2: Otto Doll
Title : Chief Information...

Apr 1, 2015

Crime never stops, and nor does the law in bringing it to justice. But as technology gets smarter, so do criminals, and local law enforcement should think of using all available resources to keep up. And when people’s lives are at stake, those leading the charge know it’s imperative to do all we can. So what do we...

Mar 25, 2015

While healthcare as an industry has made great strides in patience care and overall customer experience, state of Government supported health systems warrants serious attention. Lack of connectivity and interoperability among hospitals, rising re-entry and trauma cases related costs, inadequate reporting for...

Apr 8, 2013

The current trend in going green is producing clean gas, finding renewables and maintaining energy efficiency. If the government seed money allocated for smart grid is any indication, a green smart grid may be the best approach to reducing your carbon footprint. But how do we know that this isn’t just another...