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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Aug 27, 2004

RFID promises anytime anywhere tracking of inventory at the warehouse and in transit. There is a steep price tag attached to it and has its own related integration challenges. Is it for everyone?

Guest 1: Robert B. Cornick, Vice President/Leadership Manager, RFID, Zebra Technologies

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Aug 20, 2004

In the last decade the role of enterprise security has evolved from a departmental function to a well funded and closely watched strategic function. What are factors involved in this evolution and is there a tangible benefit to this move towards acute focus on security?

Guest: Bruce Schneier, Author, Renowned...

Aug 13, 2004

The mandates related to RFID in supply chain industry has spawned many initiatives and products that claim to tackle this beast. What is a vendor's perspective of the challenges that RFID is claiming to tackle and how are they architecting solutions to meet them?

Guest 1: Mark Fralick, Vice President, R&D, Red...

Aug 6, 2004

Consumers and Businesses alike, SPAM and SPIM (where even during Instant Messaging, unsolicited messages popup) is causing a lot of nuisance and resulting in financial losses for businesses. Will we ever get a handle on them?

Guest 1: John J. Higginson, CTO, Wheels Inc.

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