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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 24, 2007

How we negotiate the IT services or software licensing related contracts has a significant impact on how IT meets “getting more done with less” expectations set by executive management. How do we plan and carry out such negotiations for success? Is outsourcing such contract negotiations a good option?

Guest 1: Tim...

Oct 17, 2007

While Enterprise Virtualization technology has tremendous potential what does it take for an IT leader to get it introduced and adopted in his/her organization in a planned fashion? What are the challenges and possible remedies?

Guest 1: John Deane, SVP, AIM Management Group. Chief Technology Officer, INVESCO Plc


Oct 10, 2007

Business and IT are changing at a warp speed. IT leadership is on its toes playing catch-up with a mandate to make IT lean and do more with less. On top of that, we have the baby boomer exodus which will be leaving IT departments with an acute manpower crunch. If you are an over worked CIO who has had enough already,...

Oct 3, 2007

Rising costs in India are pushing US and European organizations to shift their focus to China for their outsourcing (IT and BPO) needs. Is outsourcing really all about just getting lowest cost option? Could this mindset be a recipe for failure?

Guest 1: F. Warren McFarlan, T.J. Dermot Dunphy Baker Foundation Professor...