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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 22, 2004

With IT is becoming a key driver for business, the role of CIO is changing as well. While a CIO could be enjoying the limelight, the increased accountability and related challenges are equally daunting.

Guest: Darwin John
Title: Ex-Chief Information Officer, FBI

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Oct 15, 2004

While we are all riding the technology wave, have we ever stopped and considered the possibility of overestimating what technology can do for us? Playing devil's advocate can definitely help us get a reality check.

Guest 1: Nick Carr
Title: Writer and Speaker, Renowned Business

Guest 2: Mark Jeffery
Title: Associate...

Oct 8, 2004

The service resolution management (SRM) wave is all about giving better serve customers. How different is it from CRM? What new opportunities and challenges does it bring for software vendors and end customers?

Guest: Alan Hubbard
Title: Executive Vice President, R&D, KANA

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Oct 1, 2004

Agility in an enterprise is defined as an ability to adapt to changes in business environment with minimal disruption of existing processes and in minimal time. Can IT help build an Agile Enterprise?

Guest: Michael Schrage
Title: Advisor, CIO Magazine Columnist, and Researcher, MIT

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