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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 28, 2005

Today’s IT environment is a mixed bag of legacy systems, hosted applications, and enterprise software with their own authentication and authorization mechanisms. What if there was one logon id and password per user for all applications. Even better, what if the management of user privileges are centralized and...

Oct 21, 2005

The world today is experiencing an unprecedented growth in data and information generated by multiple disparate sources. Linking to this data is also being made easy by leveraging SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Access to the data anytime and anywhere is also possible through wireless technology. Are we making the...

Oct 14, 2005

In today’s world, most organizations have some sort of contingency plan in order to deal with business disruptions. Beyond just maintaining a warm or hot site, there are other IT management challenges that need to be thought through in the event of a natural disaster. How many organizations actually prepare...

Oct 7, 2005

Getting on board Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) bandwagon may seem as simple as creating a few web services. But, there is more involved. Are all components of your IT organization ready for it?

Guest 1: Dave Hollander
Title: Chief Technical Officer, Contivo, Inc.

Guest 2: Ronald Schmelzer
Title: Senior Analyst and...