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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jan 30, 2008

Using 'Cost Savings' as the sole determinant for justifying IT's value, actually undermines its true value. Today's IT leaders need to be "Show 'em the money!" kinds of guys. What does it mean to be an IT leader, driven to bring TOP LINE growth to your organization?

Guest 1: George F. Chappelle, SVP & CIO, Sara...

Jan 16, 2008

Cloud computing is a new technology that promises virtually unlimited processing bandwidth, with access to data from anywhere on any device. Is it ready for commercial adoption? What are the key user needs driving this initiative? What are the advantages and what are the gotchas?

Guest 1: Dr. Daniel D. Frye, Vice...

Jan 9, 2008

In global outsourcing, it is not uncommon to have multiple vendors to reduce risks. But, can we rely on competitors to work together as one happy family, and deliver on their respective expectations?

Guest 1: Dan Mahlebashian, Chief Contracting Officer, IS&S, General Motors Corporation

Guest Bio: