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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Feb 19, 2014

Over five billion people, nearly two thirds of the world’s population, are without Internet access. Attempts to bridge the gap of this Digital Divide have struggled due to poor infrastructure and an inability to generate greater commerce or quality of life. But new innovations with mobility have made it such that people can receive 3G connectivity in places without electricity. So can global Internet connectivity have the necessary gradual impact on a region’s economy and living conditions in order to see a significant change? How are governments, the commercial sector and non-profits joining hands to contribute to this cause, and how can working on this help solve the impoverished world’s other priorities?

Guest 1: Dr. Jon Gant, Director of the Center for Digital Inclusion, Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois

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Guest 2: John Windhausen Jr., Executive Director, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition

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