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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jan 18, 2023

Due to the pandemic, global supply chains were rattled, and we are still scrambling. So how are business, supply chain, and IT leaders rethinking supply chain and operations to ensure business readiness and resiliency to tackle future disruptions?

Guest: Amiee Bayer-Thomas, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Ulta Beauty


Feb 7, 2019

AI can impact Supply Chain Management (SCM) outcomes. But many such attempts by companies lead to disappointing results. What’s missing? Why hasn’t AI delivered in SCM? What’s needed to harness the most value of AI for SCM?

Guest: Rainer Steffl, CIO, Mondi Group

Guest Bio:

Sep 12, 2018

Change is hard and scary at times. And, embracing Industry 4.0 requires a lot of it. Manufacturers dread the idea of disrupting their supply chain or production output. How, then, can they make the complex changes across the board required to the industrial infrastructure and processes? What about corporate...

Apr 18, 2018

The Logistics industry is well positioned to exploit emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning. How are organizations planning to tackle challenges related to ever changing customer expectations, supply chain integration, and legacy overhaul?

Guest 1: Saugat Dutta, Country IT Head/ CIO , DP...

Sep 22, 2016

Whether it is about moving people and cargo, fleet and fuel efficiency, asset protection, visibility into user behavior or product usage, IoT is being looked as a major disruptive force for Supply Chain. Is it just a tall claim? If IoT is likely to make such an deep impact on Supply Chain, how should...