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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Dec 20, 2006

By 2010, there will be a major IT workforce exodus with baby boomers reaching retirement age. How are we planning to handle this shift expected in IT workforce levels? How is industry and academia collaborating to ensure that the new breed of IT talent is ready for the market in terms of quality and quantity?

Guest 1:...

Dec 13, 2006

There is a tremendous talent pool out there with potential to become the next successful CIO. Most don’t know their potential or are not exposed to the right grooming. Then there are others who are ready but don’t seem to get the right opportunity. What can be done to pave the path for these CIO trainees?

Guest 1:...

Dec 6, 2006

Given the dynamic business environment, hosted supply chain offerings seem like a dream come true. How realistic are these claims? Are there any strings attached? How should organizations go about deciding whether hosted supply chain is the way to go?

Guest 1: Beth Enslow, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Research,...