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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jan 28, 2005

Today's CIO almost needs to be a superhuman as the expectations are such. This transition from a technology executive needs to start early in the career. What does it take to identify a potential CIO candidate and groom him/her to taken on the challenge?

Guest 1: Patrick E. Moroney, SVP/CIO HealthCare...

Jan 21, 2005

Success for an IT project requires careful planning and immaculate execution. In addition, it also requires having the necessary legal safeguards in place. What project management and legal issues could crop up in a given project and how can we deal with them?

Guest 1: Hillard M. Sterling, Partner, Freeborn &...

Jan 5, 2005

The US Patriot Act (USPA) has a significant impact on the way an enterprise safeguards privacy of its employees and customers. What are the corresponding technology management challenges? What are the corresponding strategies to effectively manage USPA compliance?

Guest: Andrew London, Sr. VP of PMO, Operation and...