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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Nov 15, 2006

Lately, a lot of investment has been made in providing sophisticated dashboards and metric to IT and Executive leadership. Are these tools useful or even usable? Are they actually being used? Can or are they being abused to disguise failure?

Guest 1: Mike Boyle, CIO, Allstate Financial

Guest Bio:

Nov 8, 2006

With the advent of pc virtualization and Web 2.0, the perceived need and value of IT Asset Management may be diminished. If so, how do we justify the investment in Asset Management?

Guest 1: Jack Heine, Research VP, Gartner Research

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Guest 2: Dean...

Nov 1, 2006

On an average, about every 4 years, many CIOs move on. Some say there are no challenges left to resolve and others say that there are way too many! In either case, it seems like a 4-year itch, the results of which may not be in the best interest of the organization or the CIO.

Guest 1: Mark P. McDonald, Chief...