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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Mar 26, 2008

Green IT initiatives are primarily to help improve the global environment rather than our balance sheets. While organizations may join the bandwagon for visibility, do they really care about it given that there is not a significant tangible ROI on related investments?

Guest 1: Molly A. O’NeiII, Assistant...

Mar 13, 2008

Effective communication with internal/external constituents and customers is key to achieving success in business and IT. How well are we doing on that front? What does it take for an IT leader to become a maestro and conduct a communications orchestra where the right messages are getting conveyed, timely, to the right...

Mar 12, 2008

When faced with a car skid, experts teach that you should “steer into the skid”, despite an instinctual urge to do the opposite. Similarly, when it comes to IT investment and its impact upon business performance, management reacts the same way. Just at the point of crisis, when companies should be investing more...

Mar 5, 2008

There are numerous examples of failed IT initiatives and related analysis of why the failure happened. What can be done to proactively raise the flag? At what point, do we cut our losses vs. trying to save a sinking ship?

Guest 1: Jane Landon, CIO, NYC Department Of Finance, NY, NY

Guest Bio: