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CIO Talk Network Podcast

May 28, 2004

Business Process Management (BPM) solutions have been emerging in the technology marketplace. We have been handling, tracking, and monitoring business processes using technology solutions since last couple of decades. Lets listen to Mike, Phil, and Sinisa to learn more about the unique capabilities of such solutions and...

May 21, 2004

After Internet bubble burst, the once over hyped term eCommerce almost became a stigma. Companies are leveraging it but is it being fully exploited yet? Lets listen to Sunil to learn about how eCommerce can be used to gain competitive advantage in this Global economy.

Guest: Sunil Arora, VP — Global eCommerce...

May 14, 2004

In an industry such as Transportation and Logistics, where the level of human intervention is high, achieving operational efficiency is a challenge and a moving target. Lets listen to Jon to learn about the related challenges and how IT comes to rescue.

Guest: Jon Fieldman, Chief Information Officer, DSC Logistics


May 7, 2004

In the given competitive landscape, the very existence of an automotive parts supplier depends on how they work with every shrinking margins while still maintaining quality of its products and efficiency of delivery. Lets listen to Perry about leveraging IT for achieving the nearly impossible goals.

Guest: Perry Lipe,...