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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 29, 2011

For decades, companies have implemented CI to improve and simplify processes, eliminate waste, reduce response time, and improve quality & customer service with an eye towards increased revenue. While a CI Project may reduce process cycles and defects, it may still not significantly impact the bottom line. Why do CI projects fail to deliver? In a brutally fast paced competitive environment, would accelerating initiatives help, or is that just a knee jerk reaction? How difficult is it to align CI initiatives with organizational strategy? what kind of cultural changes do these projects require?  Is IT in a position to reduce the failure rate? What kind of partnership is needed between IT and management?

Guest 1: Steve Bell, Author & Lean IT Coach, Lean Enterprise Institute Faculty

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Guest 2: Shailesh Grover, Global Head of Quality and Continuous Improvement, Barclays Bank PLC, London, UK

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