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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

Everyone knows happy customers buy more. A great customer experience typically generates more revenue from each customer. This logic has shaped how most service organizations approach improving profitability. But it isn’t how the world’s best service organizations think. These organizations know how hard they worked to win each customer account. They realize the value of shaping each service interaction to not just leave customers happy, but also present them with both an opportunity and a valid reason to buy more. When service interactions are done right, customers feel as though they are working with a trusted partner, while the organization maximizes revenue during each interaction. To achieve this, service managers need to think about selling and service technicians need to actually sell—something they are both hesitant to do. How do you create a sales-oriented service culture that spans from technicians to executives, and delivers an experience that makes customers need, want, and ask for more?

Guest 1: David Giannetto
Title: Chief Operating Officer, Astea International

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