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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jul 13, 2011

In our mobile and interconnected world, we're constantly playing catch up with "what", "how much", and "where" as we try to meet the expectations of our customers who want it all yesterday. We may feel we're not "in control," but could IT change that? If so, how? For example, what if we were to create a dynamically scalable and extensible IT application and infrastructure portfolio where all costs are variable and all IT is provisioned "on demand" to meet this end? Would this be a good idea? Would it solve our problems?

Guest 1: Jay Keyse, CTO & Chief Strategist Data Centre Services, HP Enterprise Services

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Guest 2: Peter J. Tseronis, Chief Technology Officer, US Department of Energy

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Guest 3: Phillip B. Vaughan, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Black & Veatch Corporation

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