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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Apr 16, 2014

As the threats of APTs deepen and become increasingly difficult to prevent or detect in a timely fashion, CISOs are rethinking the approach to security, pooling their efforts and information to attain better intelligence on how to respond quickly and appropriately to mitigate damage. What we’re seeing is Big Data transforming into “Big Intelligence” in the security space, with CISOs aiming toward a shared information network by utilizing Big Data and the combined information of those fighting the good fight. So how can we enable such a “Big Intelligence” network, how can CISOs derive actionable intelligence from it, and how will it help us get a step ahead of the bad guys?

Guest 1: Dr. Roger R. Schell, Professor, USC/ISI, University of Southern California

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Guest 2: Roy Mellinger, VP and CISO, Wellpoint

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