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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Apr 1, 2015

Crime never stops, and nor does the law in bringing it to justice. But as technology gets smarter, so do criminals, and local law enforcement should think of using all available resources to keep up. And when people’s lives are at stake, those leading the charge know it’s imperative to do all we can. So what do we mean when we talk about transforming law enforcement? What fundamental changes will it take, what is that dream state in policing, and how can new technologies, including messaging, social media, mobility, robotics and even “predictive policing” concepts raising increasingly sci-fi possibilities, help us get there?

Guest 1: Bill Kehoe
Title: Chief Information Officer, King County, Washington

Guest 2: Greg Suhr
Title: Chief of Police, San Francisco, CA

Guest 3: Luther T.Reynolds
Title: Assistant Chief, Montgomery County (MD) Police Department

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