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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 19, 2011

Healthcare organizations of all types, pharmacies, healthcare vendors, healthcare providers, and health insurance companies are all under pressure to go digital sooner rather than later. At each organization, the IT leader will have to assess the pros and cons of various services and cloud options, each of which comes with its own security concerns. Additionally, these IT leaders will have to implement compliant data security governance. Additionally, IT will have to implement security on various mobile devices in various settings (for example, what about a tablet/pad with instructions from a doctor, in an ambulance?). How can we leverage IT to create a new roadmap to effective, nimble and secure healthcare, quickly?

Guest 1: Roy Mellinger
Title: Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Wellpoint

Guest 2: Matt Eversole
Title: Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Catholic Health Partners

Guest 3: Keith Fricke
Title: Chief Information Security Officer, Catholic Health Partners

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