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CIO Talk Network Podcast

May 8, 2013

Mobility has the potential for more than paying for itself by increasing the amount and quality of work employees can do in the field. It can reduce government task process time from weeks to days or hours, shortening response time to customers, cutting travel time, decreasing equipment expenses, and eliminating occupancy costs. So what’s holding back some government CIOs from going full throttle? Are they not ready? Are there budget constraints? Is BYOD still an issue for Government agencies? And what about other early adopters? Have they really realized the potential after jumping on the mobility bandwagon? What is the current state of mobility in government, and what hurdles do we still need to get over?

Guest 1: Gail M. Roper, Chief Information Officer and Community Relations Officer, CIO Executive Council, City of Raleigh, NC

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Guest 2: Michael Armstrong, Chief Information Officer, City of Corpus Christi, Texas

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