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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Feb 8, 2012

The old traditional supply chain “pushed products to market.” How achievable would it be to turn this around and make it into a “demand-driven” supply chain where all the supply chain partners were aligned to “pull product to sales?” Regardless of the business environment, a demand-driven supply chain could reduce inventory levels while providing flexibility to better respond to market changes. What would this kind of change cost and what challenges would it bring? Would it produce a positive ROI? Has it ever been tried? If so, what were the results? What are the opportunity costs of NOT moving to a demand-driven supply chain? How can IT assist in making demand-driven supply chain a mainstream well adopted reality?

Guest 1: Jason Birnbaum, Chief Information Officer, Sirva, Inc.

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Guest 2: Bryan Ball, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Aberdeen Group

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