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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Mar 12, 2008

When faced with a car skid, experts teach that you should “steer into the skid”, despite an instinctual urge to do the opposite. Similarly, when it comes to IT investment and its impact upon business performance, management reacts the same way. Just at the point of crisis, when companies should be investing more in technology, to drive business performance, management’s reflex is to cut spending. While this is no surprise, since management’s focus is mainly on IT’s cost, not its value, how can IT leadership challenge such a management reflex?

Guest 1: Dr. Howard A. Rubin
Title: Senior Gartner Advisor, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Hunter College, the City University of New York, former Nolan Norton Research Fellow

Guest 2: Dr. John J. Sviokla
Title: Vice Chairman, Global Managing Director of Innovation and Research, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants Former professor, Harvard Business School

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