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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Sep 7, 2011

As extended mobile business applications for business intelligence (mobile BI) are gaining momentum, most BI tool vendors are offering a mobile extension to the native BI suite itself. But is mobile BI really just a mobile version of traditional BI?  Is implementing mobile BI the same as in traditional BI projects? Is mobile BI secure since now that sensitive data will be provided on a remote device over which an enterprise has little control? Would mobile BI be easier to adopt vs. traditional BI? Is mobile BI a good solution for every kind of data? What about ROI…is it expected to be significant in order to justify related investment?

Guest 1: Howard Dresner
Title: Former Gartner Research Fellow, Accomplished BI SME and Author

Guest 2: Dave Stodder
Title: Director, TDWI Research for Business Intelligence

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