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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Nov 6, 2013

Even in our modern workplace, we’re still having discussions about gaps in our BYOD security policies or that many companies don’t even have one in place. If you listen to many blogs or vendor white papers, employees are utilizing workarounds, executives are being careless and many organizations are still living in the stone age. Aren’t we just peddling fear at this point? What do we have to do to put these concerns behind us? How bad is the problem really, and what can we focus on so far that’s actually worked as a benchmark moving forward?

Guest 1: Dan Lohrmann, CSO, Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB), Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection, State of Michigan

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Guest 2: Elayne Starkey, CSO, Department of Technology and Information (DTI), Delaware

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