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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

The increase in the pace of change caused by digitization is driving organizations to move faster than competitors and exceed customer expectations by offering frequent updates to their product and service enabled by technology. In some cases, as quickly as once every 12 seconds. The traditional testing approaches to ensuring reliability that is dependent on human intervention simply cannot keep up. Some companies are evaluating a move from test automation to autonomous testing that takes advantage of AI/ML to make testing less dependent on human intervention and self-learning. How does autonomous testing work? Is it ready for the real world? How can organizations transition from test automation to autonomous testing with confidence?


Guest 1: Tony Mohanty
Title: SVP and Global Head, Digital Assurance, Hexaware


Guest 2: Nagendra BS
Title: Vice President, Digital Assurance – Practice & Solutions, Hexaware


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