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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 1, 2011

Organizations are under unrelenting pressure to grow, drive efficiency, and mitigate risks. Worsening the situation, the continual onslaught of changes in workplace trends and technologies has resulted in a complex and costly, high maintenance workplace. As an answer, "Desktop as a Service" has emerged as part of an overall IT industrialization trend. DaaS promises cost savings, enables a high degree of consumerization/personalization, and transfers costs from CapEx to OpEx, while reducing or even eliminating the need for Workplace IT asset management. Can DaaS solve the challenges of an expensive, constantly changing, overly complex workplace as promised, or is this just hype? Is DaaS the Panacea we’ve all been waiting for?

Guest 1: Nevin Zimmermann, Chief Technology Officer, GE Healthcare

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Guest 2: Mike Marcotte, Global CIO & head of information technology, EchoStar Corp.

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Guest 3: Manish Kapoor, SVP of IS, NuStar Energy

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