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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 16, 2013

In today's security landscape, cases of cyber espionage and advanced persistent threats (APTs) have rendered many traditional cyber security practices and vendor software completely ineffective. Big Data has shown potential in providing deeper insights into these sophisticated attacks, but CISOs need to be able to be proactive, they need to understand the threats of APTs and their impact on the enterprise and they need to share that information among peers, the executive suite and the rest of the organization. So how can we allay some fears about the extent of these threats while also building an information pipeline designed to keep us vigilant?

Guest 1: Adam Hils
Title: Research Directo Network Security, Gartner

Guest 2: Michael P. Wilson
Title: Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, McKesson

Guest 3: Roy Mellinger
Title: Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Wellpoint

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