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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

The University of Arizona, wanting to deliver a consumer-grade, integrated, digital experience for its students, blended user-centered design and business architecture methodologies to uncover students’ top priorities and assess how best to deliver on each need based on the current platforms in its portfolio. Differentiating each platform’s role, unifying the experience across them, and deciding when to bridge gaps with full-stack custom applications was no easy task. In addition, remaining user-centric in the face of legacy platforms and budget constraints required a meet-in-the-middle approach. How best is the institution using the platforms it already has to address high priority needs of its end-users? How is it gearing up to remain user-centric in the face of platform constraints?

Guest 1: Darcy Van Patten, Chief Technology Officer, University of Arizona

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Guest 2: Jennifer Ludwig, Director, Strategic Interventions & Data Management, University of Arizona

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Guest 3: Alex Underwood, University Registrar, University of Arizona

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