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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 15, 2011

Disruptive innovation is new tech that burns through the market place, displacing traditional technologies. It can be hard to recognize at first. Planned innovations are market oriented and entrepreneurial. They require vision, discipline, and team building. Sustained innovation relies on the day-by-day, incremental innovations by employees in a system that tolerates risks, rewards creativity, and encourages open communication. Each of these ways of innovating has its own requirements as to leadership style, etc. If IT is the common backbone across business units, how can a CIO help facilitate a framework to foster one or more of these types of innovation styles within one organization? Can all 3 co-exist within ONE organization?

Guest 1: George Tumas, Chief Information Officer of Internet Services Development, Wells Fargo

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Guest 2: Joseph L. Drouin, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Kelly Services

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