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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 2, 2014

In the industry of the future, software-based system and service platforms – such as the one supplied by Bosch Software Innovations – will play a large role. They will enable the real and virtual worlds to be connected and therefore enable communication between objects. Manufacturers have the potential to create predictable, seamless processes to reduce the costs associated with manufacturing operations. They have the possibility of adding new revenue streams and service opportunities. They can even soon craft entirely smart enterprises. It's all promised by The Internet of Things, and Bosch hopes to be at the center. But how does Bosch hope to support the manufacturing space to leverage IT to the fullest and see the complete value behind connected manufacturing? We speak with Bosch Software Innovations' Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director to find out.

Guest 1: Matthew Jennings
Title: Managing Director, Bosch Software Innovations Americas

Guest 2: Troy Foster
Title: Chief Technology Officer, Bosch Software Innovations Americas

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