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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Dec 11, 2013

For as much as the current generation loves to bash the 20-somethings entering into the workforce and assign clichés about their demeanor and work ethic, the reality is that this group will one day be the industry leaders and is currently among the group leading the charge of a digital revolution. So rather than thinking about what management practices will work best for “them” how can the current generation help pave the way for the future? If the value in the workplace to millennials is a better corporate environment, a reinvented virtual enterprise, BYOD policies and more flexibility on the whole, how are we modernizing to meet those expectations?

Guest 1: Greg Schwartz, Chief Information Officer and SVP Information Technology, USAA

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Guest 2: Heather Hernandez, Senior Research Engineer, USAA

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Guest 3: Ryan O’Leary, IT Technical Director, USAA

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