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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Sep 8, 2010

State government uses and manages technology.  Local governments do the same.   Government entities in every state share similarities when it comes to providing services to the citizens, so why aren’t more of these services shared across all levels of government?  With states, cities, counties, townships, universities, and schools all looking to provide similar services, the time has come for the true “sharing” of those services.   It’s true not just for technology, but for other services too, such as purchasing, facility management, and other administrative functions.  If this paradigm works with the state and local government, what about private business groups with shared interests, doing something similar? Could this work?

Guest 1: Kenneth D. Theis
Title: Chief Information Officer and Director, The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB)

Guest 2: Thom Rubel
Title: Vice President of Research, Government Insights, IDC

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