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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Dec 26, 2003

Can we achieve disproportionate success in healthcare through innovative application and adoption of technology? Lets listen to Sanjay to learn about the possibilities, the challenges, and strategies that would make it a reality.

Guest: Sanjay Shah, CIO, Porter Memorial Health System, Valparaiso, Indiana

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Dec 12, 2003

We have mature IT Management Processes and Controls in place. IT Audits are not for us. Is this true? Lets listen to Richard to learn about why Audits should be part of IT Strategy and what makes them a useful tool for managing IT better.

Guest: Richard E. Prendergast, Ex-Director, Price Waterhouse and Senior Audit...

Dec 5, 2003

What has technology got to do with building homes? Lets listen to Frank to learn about the value of technology in home building business and challenges that are faced in managing technology to meet business objectives.

Guest: Frank Scaramuzza, Chief Information Officer, Kimball Hill Homes

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Nov 14, 2003

When it comes to healthcare, we expect nothing but the best. What role does technology play in providing best healthcare to a patient? Lets listen to Mike to learn about the needs, challenges, and joy of being able to use technology to better life.

Guest: Mike Carper, Dir. of Technology Mgmt, Northwestern Memorial...

Nov 7, 2003

Businesses advocate providing employment to people with disabilities. In this information age, what are businesses doing or can do to support this employee segment? Lets listen to Ken to learn about how the reading and information transfer needs of employees with disabilities can be fulfilled by leveraging assistive...